Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

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Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada provides 28 services. 22 are available online, and 6 are not available online.


Service name Available end-to-end online
Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Information System (ATRIS) No
Basic Organizational Capacity Yes
Consultation and Policy Development Yes
Consultation Protocols and Resource Centres Yes
Federal Interlocutor's Contribution Program Yes
Forensic Investigations Yes
Fraud Awareness Yes
Funding Services Yes
Indigenous Arts Centre Yes
Intergovernmental and International Relations Yes
Inuit Housing Yes
List of First Nations participating in First Nations land management Yes
Ministerial Correspondence Yes
Modern Treaty Management Environment (MTME) Yes
Métis Housing Yes
National Allegations and Complaints Yes
Northern Contaminants Program No
Northern Participant Funding Program Yes
Provide coal exploration licenses, location permits and leases No
Provide Crown land quarry permits/leases (as per the Territorial Lands Act) Yes
Provide Crown land surface leases Yes
Provide Crown land use permits authorizations Yes
Provide Food subsidy to isolated Northern communities No
Provide licenses to prospect for minerals Yes
Provide mineral claims No
Provide mining leases No
Targeted Contribution Funding to Support Climate Change Projects Yes
The First Nations Fiscal Management Act and its institutions. Yes
Service name Available end-to-end online

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