Global Affairs Canada

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Global Affairs Canada provides 22 services. 12 are available online, and 10 are not available online.


Service name Available end-to-end online
Authentication of documents No
Canadian economic sanctions No
Canadian sanctions Yes
Canadian Technology Accelerators Yes
Consular Assistance and Services for Canadians Abroad Yes
Corporate and common service management and delivery for DM and MIN offices No
Diplomacy, Trade and Corporate Evaluations Yes
Ex gratia compensation program for events No
Export and Import Permit Emission Yes
Export Import Control Systems Support Yes
Grants and Contributions for International Assistance Yes
Importing into Canada Yes
International Assistance Evaluations No
International innovation No
International trade and investment Yes
Jules Léger Library No
Ministerial non-GIC appointments and GIC non-diplomatic appointments No
Parliamentary Affairs No
Results-based management (RBM) and risk management information sessions provided to potential and current project partners Yes
Strategic Governance, Ministerial Correspondence No
Trade Commissioner Service Yes
Travel Advice and Advisories Yes
Service name Available end-to-end online

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