Status Confirmation Service

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Currently, over 300 substances are listed explicitly in one of the Schedules (i.e. Schedules I-VI) to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) as controlled substances and precursor chemicals. The substances are listed as individual substances or as a class of substances. The listings for individual substances and classes of substances often include one or more terms such as “salt”, “isomer”, “derivative”, “preparation”, “analogue”, “alkaloid” and “intermediate”. These additional terms broaden the scope of a listing and capture many structurally and pharmacologically related substances. Health Canada’s Controlled Substances Directorate (CSD) provides a public service that confirms Health Canada’s position as to whether a substance that is not listed explicitly in one of the Schedules to the CDSA is controlled through a “Status confirmation” service. (CSCB) (Controlled Substances, Health Canada.)

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