Funding Decisions for Scholarships and Fellowships

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NSERC offers scholarship and fellowship funding to students and postdoctoral fellows to support research in the natural sciences and engineering. Funding is awarded on the basis of merit. Program Officers for NSERC's research grant opportunities provide program-related information (including types of funding opportunities, eligibility requirements, deadlines, timelines for decisions, etc.) to potential funding applicants (students, postdoctoral fellows and administering institutions). Technical assistance with online and paper applications is provided to applicants. Research funding applications are received; applications are reviewed for eligibility; ineligible applicants are notified and inquiries regarding eligibility conditions are responded to; merit review of applications are conducted; recommendations regarding funding decisions are made; and applicants are notified of research funding decisions. For some programs, financial and personal information is requested and received from successful applicants. Inquiries from both successful and unsuccessful applicants regarding funding decisions are received and further information is provided, as needed. Information on competition results, statistics and program expenditures is posted online, made public and posted on the extranet. Facilitation and administration of research reporting is conducted. (Discovery Research,Research Training and Talent Development,Research Partnerships, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.)

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