Emergency Management Exercises

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Government, first responders and military officials work together in exercises that simulate emergency scenarios such as natural disasters, health threats and terrorist attacks to validate plans, training, etc., and identify areas for improvement. Public Safety Canada provides oversight and guidance in the setting of exercise priorities and co-sponsors key activities with lead departments as per the National Exercise Program. The National Exercise Program's objective is to continuously improve emergency management in Canada through the coordination of comprehensive whole-of-government all-hazards exercises of the national interest. The program includes: •domestic and international exercises addressing all-hazards and major international events; •establishment and implementation of a federal government lessons learned process to track ongoing capability and response activities improvement, and •education and training related to exercise development methodology through a variety of means. Training and Exercise programming contributes directly to strengthening the capability across all regions to respond to incidents of all types. The promotion of a common approach to emergency management, including the adoption of standards and best practices, aims to enhance the capabilities of Canada's emergency management community. (Emergency Preparedness, Public Safety Canada.)

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