Veterans Affairs Canada

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Veterans Affairs Canada provides 27 services. 16 are available online, and 11 are not available online.


Service name Available end-to-end online
Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation Yes
Bureau of Pension Advocates (BPA) Yes
Canadian Forces Income Support Benefit Yes
Care and Maintenance of Veterans' Graves Yes
Career Transition Services Yes
Caregiver Recognition Benefit Yes
Case Management Services Yes
Commemorative Partnerships No
Critical Injury Benefit Yes
Disability Pension and Pain and Suffering Compensation Yes
Education and Training Benefit Yes
Educational Assistance for Children No
Exceptional Incapacity Allowance Yes
Funeral and Burial No
Health Care Benefits and Services Yes
Honours and Awards No
Income Replacement Benefit No
Long Term Care No
Other Allowances No
Public Recognition and Awareness Yes
Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance No
Treatment Allowance No
Veteran and Family Well-being Fund Yes
Veteran Family Program Yes
Veterans Emergency Fund No
Veterans Independence Yes
War Veterans Allowance No
Service name Available end-to-end online

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