Transport Canada

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Transport Canada provides 100 services. 32 are available online, and 68 are not available online.


Service name Available end-to-end online
Air navigation services No
Aircraft airworthiness No
Aircraft Engineering Yes
Aircraft Landing – Domestic, International and Flying Training Yes
Aircraft Maintenance Yes
Aircraft Operations and Maintenance Training Yes
Aircraft Parking Yes
Airport Capital Assistance Program (ACAP) No
Airport Operations and Maintenance Subsidy Program Yes
Allowances to former employees of Newfoundland Railways, Steamships and Telecommunications Services transferred to Canadian National Railways No
Annual Mobile Equipment Registration Yes
Approval of Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAP) No
Approval of ‘works’ on Canada’s navigable waterways under the Canadian Navigable Waters Act. No
Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Transportation Infrastructure Fund No
Aviation accidents and investigations No
Aviation security No
Boating Safety Contribution Program No
Border Infrastructure Fund (Infrastructure Canada Program – TC manages agreements on behalf of INFC) No
Building Canada Fund (Infrastructure Canada Program – TC manages agreements on behalf of INFC) No
Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (Infrastructure Canada Program – TC manages agreements on behalf of INFC) No
CANUTEC – Canadian Transport Emergency Centre No
Child car seat safety No
Commercial air services No
Community Participation Funding Program No
Contribution Program for the Centre of Excellence for the Marine Transportation of Oil and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) No
Defects and recalls of vehicles, tires and child car seats No
Drone safety No
Emergency Response Services Outside Normal Operating hours Yes
Enforce the Coasting Trade Act – Penalties and Periods of Sanction No
Enforcement of Private Buoy Regulations for privately owned floating information markers under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. No
Ferry Services Contribution Program Yes
Flight Operations Yes
Gateways and Border Crossings Fund No
General operating and flight rules No
General Terminal: Domestic and International Yes
Grant to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Program (COSCAP) No
Grant to the Province of British Columbia in respect of the provision of ferry and coastal freight and passenger services Yes
Grants and Contributions to Support Clean Transportation Initiatives No
Grants and Contributions to support the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative No
Grants and Contributions to support the Transportation Assets Risk Assessment Initiative No
Hangar and Ground Handling Yes
Harbour Dues Yes
Importing a non-compliance vehicle (Schedule VII) No
Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles Program Yes
Incident Management & Response (Coast Guard reports, Duty Officer, PNR Arctic monitoring) No
Innovative Solutions Canada No
Innovative technologies No
Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Yes
Labrador Coastal Airstrips Restoration Program Yes
Licensing for aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) No
Licensing for pilots and personnel No
Management of obstructions to navigation No
Mangement of exemptions of prohibited activities on navigable waterways. No
Marine accidents and investigations No
Marine pollution and environmental response No
Marine security No
Marine training and certification of individuals No
Ministerial and Deputy Correspondance No
National Collision Database (NCDB) No
National Trade Corridors Fund No
Northumberland Strait Crossing subsidy payment under the Northumberland Strait Crossing Act No
Operating a federal railway Yes
Operating airports and aerodromes Yes
Outaouais Road Development Agreement No
Payments to other governments or international agencies for the operation and maintenance of airports, air navigation and airways facilities (DEN/ICE) No
Payments to the Canadian National Railway Company in respect of the termination of the collection of tolls on the Victoria Bridge, Montreal and for the rehabilitation work on the roadway portion of the Bridge No
Ports Asset Transfer Program Yes
Processing, by an employee of the Department of Transport, of a medical certificate in respect of a pilot licence or a pilot permit other than a student pilot permit No
Program to Address Disturbances from Vessel Traffic: Vessel slowdown Yes
Program to Address Disturbances from Vessel Traffic: WhaleReport Alert System Yes
Program to Advance Indigenous Reconciliation: Indigenous Participant Funding Program No
Program to Advance Transportation Innovation No
Program to Protect Canada's Coastlines and Waterways: Abandoned Boats Program Yes
Program to Protect Canada's Coastlines and Waterways: Indigenous and Local Communities Engagement and Partnership Program Yes
Program to Protect Canada's Coastlines and Waterways: Marine Training Program Yes
Program to Protect Canada's Coastlines and Waterways: Program to Enhance Maritime Situational Awareness Yes
Public Ports – Berthage Yes
Public Ports – Storage Yes
Public Ports – Utilities and Other Services Yes
Public Ports – Wharfage & Transfer Yes
Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP) Yes
Rail security No
Receiver of Wreck Program under the Canada Shipping Act 2001 No
Registering and leasing aircraft No
Remote Passenger Rail Program No
Requirements for commercial vehicles, commercial drivers and motor carriers No
Research and testing on vehicles and child car seats No
Respond to designation requests by Canadian airlines No
Road Safety Transfer Payment Program No
Safety standards for vehicles, tires and child car seats No
School bus safety No
Stay safe when driving No
Training of pilots and aviation personnel No
Transportation Association of Canada No
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program No
Vehicle Parking Yes
Vehicle technologies No
Vessel design, construction and maintenance No
Vessel inspection and certification No
Vessel licensing and registration No
Service name Available end-to-end online

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